James Anagnos's homicide cold case

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James Anagnos's homicide cold case by Mind Map: James Anagnos's homicide cold case

1. Crime Details

1.1. Crime Scene was Rudiboux bar

1.2. Happened on October 18, 1977

2. Suspect

2.1. Frank Wright

2.2. 26 years old

2.3. No other suspects to this crime

3. Crime Solved?

3.1. Took 33 years for this murder mystery to be solved.

3.2. Frank Wright had already died from alcohol abuse 8 years before the crime got solved. So he did not receive any kind of sentence.

4. My Opinions

4.1. Hair evidence helped solve the crime because James Anagnos found the follicle of the hair which helped then find the DNA. I think it makes for an excellent murder crime investigation for the way that this story played out. James Anagnos and Frank Wright has an argument, and James Anagnos snatched out Frank Wright's hair that had follicles in it to extract DNA, that helped him get evidence of the suspect 33 years later.

5. Evidence

5.1. Hair found in victim's hands

5.1.1. In 1977, no conclusive link could be found between suspect and evidence

5.1.2. In 2010, DNA testing revealed hair to be positively belonging to Frank Wright who was the primary suspect.

5.2. Washed Frank Wright's clothing with blood stains

5.2.1. The blood stains revealed the blood type which both the victim and suspect had. That is why the evidence was inconclusive.

6. Crime Motive / Circumstance

6.1. An hour before the bar closed, James Anagnos and Frank Wright had an argument where Frank Wright, by Mr. Anagnos was forced to leave the bar. This could be one possible cause of the murder.

6.2. Frank Wright's judgement could be impaired because he was drunk.

7. Victim

7.1. James Anagnos

7.2. 66 years old death

7.3. Bartender

7.4. Victim died before he could testify.