Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson by Mind Map: Michael Jackson


1.1. Michael suffering vitiligo this change the color of skin fall dermis natural, the kidneys, liver and lungs are total bad function in him body, restricting the good development in concerts.


2.1. In the long career of the king of pop he give many acknowledments for him videos, music, sales even up a place in the hall of the fame in California.


3.1. In guiness world records magazine, Michael jackson after of died and before it has sold one hundred thirty million copies of the Album Thriller and the position to ten weeks consecutive in the number 1 billboard track list.


4.1. The most talked and great problem of Jackson we acusation for alleged "Sexual abuse" in two times, but the innocence is proven, nevertheless when it was caused depression in Michael. Today there are people believing this lie.

5. Awards

5.1. The michael jackson awards is a great and big compilation like Grammy's, MTV, american music among others.

6. Records

6.1. Jackson has many records for example the most rich artists, most youg artist to recive grammy legend award and more things!

7. Controversy

7.1. Michael jackson has much controversies and problems for him skin, nouse, wifes, Youth and worst things...

8. Diseases

8.1. 25 june 2009, Michael it was prepared THIS IS IT concerts, but in naight him couldn't sleep and the doctor inyected overdose of PROPOFOL causing his death.