The present perfect

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The present perfect by Mind Map: The present perfect

1. Past perfect -Right: I had flown in a airplane

2. Present perfect tense

2.1. Directions

2.1.1. -Place the time phrases into the correct category, "since" or "for" For The lenght of time since something started Since The specific time an event started

2.2. Has/ have + past participle

2.2.1. Nuevo Tema

2.2.2. -Specified time = for/since -Start time is said -Focus on duraction

2.3. Past simple Present perfect -specified time unspecified time -finished time unsfinished time

3. Comtraction forms

3.1. Affirmative

3.1.1. I've/ You've/ He's/ She's/ They've/ We've + pp

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. Hasn't/ Haven't +pp

4. Use

4.1. 2.-Since/for

4.1.1. -I have lived here for three years

4.1.2. -Activity began in the past and is still going on now

4.1.3. -How long for duration of time (1 year, 3 months, 5 day)

4.1.4. -Since + specific point in past( last year, september, 9:00)

4.2. 1.-Unspecified time in the past

4.2.1. -I have traveled to china

4.2.2. -Activity stared and finished in the past

4.2.3. -No mention of a specific time

4.2.4. -Life experience many describe repeated events

5. Have/ has(not) + past participle

5.1. Example

5.1.1. Joe has not visited ever country

5.1.2. They have met friends from other cultures

6. Past participle

6.1. English verbs come in different forms

6.1.1. Simple form Simple past Past participle -Fly flew flown -Go went gone -Swin swan swun -Eat ate eaten -Look looked looked -Want wanted wanted

6.2. They've done amazing things

6.2.1. -Bob has swum with dolphins

6.2.2. -Helen has flown all over the world

6.2.3. -Matt has climbed a mountaint

6.3. Past participle connot be the only verb in a sentence

6.3.1. -Wrong: I flown in a airplane

6.3.2. Present perfect -Right: I have flown in a airplane

7. Questions and short answer forms

7.1. Yes/No question in the present perfect tense

7.1.1. Have/has + subject + past participle Have you read about dinosaurs before? -yes, I have

8. Who Questions

8.1. Wh-words -who -what -where -when -how -which

8.1.1. (Wh-words) + have/has + subject + past participle - who have you studied with

9. Present perfect tense frecuently used adverbs

9.1. -Ever -Never -Yet -Already

9.1.1. -have you ever been to Canada? -I've never gone alone -I haven't tried it yet -I've already purchased a plane ticket Adverb Use Meating -Ever questions(aff/neg) experienced at some time in your life -Never statements (neg) not experienced at any time in your life -Yet questions(aff/neg) & statements( neg) not finished but believe you will -Already questions(aff/neg) & statements(aff) finished and there is no need to do it again