Image Receptor Types

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Image Receptor Types by Mind Map: Image Receptor Types

1. CR

1.1. PSP (Photostiulable Phospor)

1.1.1. X-ray exposure absorbed by phosphor atoms Solid-state laser scans entire IP Light directs to photodetector

2. DR

2.1. FPD (Flat Panel Detector)

2.1.1. X-ray exposure captured by DEL (fill factor) (80% Only exposed area of detector is "read" Exit energy (image forming signal) captured for conversion to e- signal

2.1.2. Indirect Exit beam absorbed by scintillator Light picked up by photodetector which generates equal electric charge Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Light converted to electric charge by capacitors---> released to ADC Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS0 Not as sensitive to light as CCD

2.1.3. Direct TFT holds electrical charge, then quickly releases to ADC No light involved= improved spatial resolution