Brave New World

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Brave New World by Mind Map: Brave New World

1. Ford--> used as a symbol for God and Religion

2. What they consume isn't the quality of it but it's the quantity of what the factories are producing

3. World State controls the behavior of its members through the forces of social conformity and social criticism.

4. No relationships, they are there to work

5. Henry Ford

5.1. "The Introduction of Our Ford's first T-Model.. Chosen as the opening date of the new era."

6. Authoritarian Government

7. Consumerism

7.1. Government acts as supplier

7.2. they view one another, and themselves, as commodities to be consumed like any other manufactured good.

7.3. Way of life

7.4. Mending one's clothing is considered Barbaric

8. Technology

8.1. Human Factories

8.1.1. Reproduction Castes Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Elipson

8.2. Completely industrial city

9. Conformity/ Lack of Individuality

9.1. Assigned jobs/casts

9.2. No Free Choice

9.2.1. Illegal to have family

9.3. Motto: motto: “Community, Identity, Stability.”

9.3.1. they are forced to be happy about their assignments

9.4. Children involved in erotic play

10. Pleasure/Hapiness

10.1. Sex

10.1.1. They play sexual games

10.2. Promiscuity

10.3. Feelies

10.4. SOMA