Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming

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Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming by Mind Map: Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming

1. Create a mod community of dog owning hikers, and a platform to collect all the data. A game would allow dog owners to simulate a hike after choosing a destination and their dog's race

1.1. dog race and abilities

1.1.1. To the already existing data on different dog races abilities, members of the community would submit their own experience relatively to their own dog

1.2. Hiking destinations

1.2.1. Before choosing the hiking destination, the player will be informed of its specificities and eventual challenges

1.3. Hiking material

1.3.1. Modders could add useful equipment they have tested, with the brand* and pursuing details of the products

1.4. At the end of the virtual experience, the player will have a recap summarizing the journey and advised span of the hike for the dog race and hiking destination

2. Hiking

2.1. Pet owners

2.1.1. Obj 1 : outdoor experience

2.1.2. Obj 2 : stay safe, feel safer with the dog hiking watch technology :

2.1.3. Obj 3 : getting the pet to enjoy itself as much as them, share quality time with it, bounding

2.1.4. beginners and experts in hiking

2.2. Pets

2.2.1. Needs its owner to carry stuff for them (blankets, thingy to sleep on,rescue bag, food) => extra weight

2.2.2. Not used to being outdoors for long ( cf youtube video ) => get tired, owners must pay attention to that, be aware of their abilities

3. Gaming

3.1. Computers

3.2. Smartphone app game

3.3. Online community

3.3.1. "walkthroughs" on youtube to share gaming experiences

3.3.2. Games 2.0_Participatory game creation // web 2.0: CISUC, Department of Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal "the autorship role players play in today's gaming context" mod communities in gaming : modders create custom levels, objects, characters, or even unique or stand-alone game from an existing game engine.

3.4. Republic Of Gamers brand

4. Hiking destination

4.1. picturesque /breathtaking

4.2. challenging

4.3. managable

5. Dog race

6. How can a dog owner make the best hiking choices in order to adapt the hiking experience to their dog's abilities, and therefore have the most productive experience they can have ?