Teaching and the Environment

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Teaching and the Environment by Mind Map: Teaching and the Environment

1. Community Within the Classroom

1.1. creates

1.1.1. Positive Relationships

1.1.2. Positive Interactions

1.1.3. Active Engagement

2. Management

2.1. aids

2.1.1. Respectful Environment

2.1.2. Addressing Behaviors

2.1.3. Teacher-student Interactions

3. Facilitating student engagement

3.1. allows students to

3.1.1. Choose their own topics to discuss where they Take ownership over parts of the lesson Extend academic abilities

3.1.2. Feels heard and invest in their learning

4. Lesson Planning and Implementation

4.1. Being flexible

4.2. Making adjustments as they seem necessary

4.3. Learning to get rid of entire lessons if necessary

4.4. Being Reflective

4.5. Observing what went well and what didn't.

5. Dynamics of Culture

5.1. Students are able to have a voice

5.2. Students feel respected and represented

5.3. Positive and meaningful interactions

5.4. Culturally responsive materials

5.4.1. Classroom artifacts

5.4.2. Books

5.4.3. Posters

5.5. Knowledge of students' backgrounds

5.6. Diversity and Inclusion

6. Emotional Environment

6.1. A safe place for students

6.2. Show understanding and openness

6.3. Treats students with respect

6.4. Do not allow bullying in any form

6.5. Making mistakes is acceptable and it helps us to learn

6.6. Building team spirit, a sense of community, and support

6.7. Classroom is a place of acceptance and diversity

7. Physical Space

7.1. Safe

7.2. Accessible

7.3. Organized