Participle Adjectives: Ing&Ed

Participle Adjectives: Ing

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Participle Adjectives: Ing&Ed by Mind Map: Participle Adjectives: Ing&Ed

1. Past participles (-ed) are used to say how people feel.

2. Present participles (-ing) are used to describe the people or things that cause the feelings.

3. Examples

3.1. -The lesson interests Anne: Anne is very interested in the lesson. The lesson is interesting (to Anne). -Sports interest Max: Max is interested in sports. He’s a very interested basketball fan. Sports are interesting (to Max). -The movie bored Bob: Bob was bored by the movie. Bib didn’t enjoy the movie because it was boring. -John’s loud stereo annoys his neighbors: John’s neighbors are annoyed by his loud stereo. Several annoyed neighbors complained to the manager. John’s loud stereo is annoying (to his neighbors).