Ted's Ethical Dilemma

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Ted's Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ted's Ethical Dilemma

1. Scenario

1.1. Ted was in a rush to give three residents therapy before he had to go to his son's parent-teacher conference, so he gave them all group therapy and ended in less than an hour. When documenting the services, he realized Mrs. Merrick was supposed to be seen for 53 minutes to fulfill the 7-day assessment period requirement.

1.2. Stakeholders

1.2.1. Ted

1.2.2. Mrs. Merrick

1.2.3. other 2 Golden Acres residents

1.2.4. SNF administrator

1.2.5. Oscar (rehab director)

1.2.6. child's teacher

1.2.7. child

2. Option 4

2.1. Stay and provide Mrs. Merrick and the other residents with the full, proper therapy sessions and reschedule the parent-teacher conference

2.2. Positive: -the residents will receive the therapy session that aligned with their intervention plan -he will not have to risk getting in trouble for not providing the proper services

2.3. Negative: -the teacher will likely be annoyed, and his troubled son may think his dad doesn’t care and continue to act out

3. Option 3

3.1. Record the accurate information and accept the consequences without trying to make-up for the therapy session

3.2. Positive: -he will not have lied -he will make it to the parent-teacher conference

3.3. Negative: -he will get in trouble and may get fired because he had already been called out the last time he had not provided the required minutes for a resident

4. Option 2

4.1. Lie on the documentation, and make-up for the remaining time with Mrs. Merrick and the other residents the next day

4.2. Positive: -the residents will receive the proper amount of therapy -Ted won’t get in trouble -he will make it to the parent-teacher conference

4.3. Negative: -someone may realize that he lied, so Ted could get in trouble

5. Option 1

5.1. Lie on the documentation and say that he saw Mrs. Merrick for the full 53 minutes and gave all the residents individualized therapy

5.2. Positive: -Ted won’t get in trouble -he will make it to the parent-teacher conference

5.3. Negative: -the residents did not get the therapy that they needed -Mrs. Merrick's health care assessment will not be accurate -the residents may realize that they did not receive the usual type and amount of therapy

6. Chosen Course of Action

6.1. Option 4

7. Core Values

7.1. Truth

7.2. Prudence

8. Ethical Principles

8.1. Veracity

8.1.1. 5F

8.2. Fidelity

8.2.1. 6H

8.2.2. 6L