The Silent Killer

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The Silent Killer by Mind Map: The Silent Killer

1. Side 2:

1.1. Due to the fact that once given the influenza vaccination, it takes up to two weeks to develop immunity against it, there is still a possibility that the individual could still get the flu.

1.2. It is common for parents to not have their children vaccinated due to religious reasons.

1.3. The Influenza vaccine has a chance of triggering a condition called Guillain-Barre Syndrome in which your immune system attacks your peripheral nerves.

2. Side 1:

2.1. The influenza vaccine is beneficial because it prevents death among young children and the elderly.

2.2. No matter the age, the flu vaccine is a good thing for your overall health in that it fights to prevent the virus from attacking your body.

2.3. The flu vaccine can be a protection for those around you who might be more vulnerable to flu illnesses.

3. My Contribution: In favor of the influenza vaccination

3.1. Since the influenza virus can be transmitted between two individuals 6 feet away, when an individual receives the vaccine, they lower their chance of spreading the virus to others.

3.2. Since, children and the elderly are more likely to experience the flu more severely, not only does it benefit them if they receive the vaccine, but it also benefits them when the people around them get the vaccine as well.

3.3. The current generation is the next one to have children and it is important if they have the right education on the flu vaccine and the benefits it brings.

4. Throughout the years, the influenza virus has taken the lives of far too many. Every year, scientists have to create a new vaccine to combat the beast due to the fact that the new strands of the virus are always evolving and becoming immune to the vaccine.