My university career

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My university career by Mind Map: My university career

1. I had to take and pass English, Russian and litterature.

2. The russian language I've passed with flying colours, I've got quite good grades in English but literature exam I took by the skin of me teeth.

3. I was given the prospectus from the University of Dubna when I visited the open door day as an applicant.

4. There were very high entry requirements.

5. Nevertheless, I was getting in this university successfully.

6. I got onto a course in linguistics to get a bachelor's degree.

7. As going to university is expensive, I needed to take out a student loan from the bank.

8. It takes years to pay off but I don't have time to do a part-time job.That is why my parents pay for me.

9. As for my schedule, I have from 2 up to 4 seminars a day. If I don't know the subject inside out, I go to the library to do some background reading.

10. Sometimes I am supposed to give a short presentation at my English classes.

11. When we have a test the lecturer gives us handouts and some reading lists as a home assignment.

12. At the end of the term I've got to see my tutor to decide what options I'm going to do during the rest of the academic year.