TAR-PBL Planning

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TAR-PBL Planning by Mind Map: TAR-PBL Planning

1. Types of microorganisms

2. Creating a graph with population data.

3. They can produce a written biography of Pythagoras.

4. Content- Knowledge

4.1. Pythagoras’ Theorem.

4.2. The food pyramid.

4.3. 3R and renovable energies

4.4. lineal and exponential growing

4.5. Multilingualism

5. Content-skills

5.1. Describing and interpreting artworks

5.2. Writing environmental friendly actions.

5.3. Recognizing different kind of microorganisms

5.4. drawing a graph

5.5. Identifying different languages of their class context.

6. Objectives

6.1. realize about quickly climate changes

6.2. Recognize different kind of microorganisms

6.3. Use the resources available to improve our environment.

6.4. Identify the different languages of their class context.

7. Assessment Criteria

7.1. They can describe orally the benefits of nutrients

7.2. They can collect, record and represent data about the quantity of plastic used in daily life.

7.3. They can describe the main caracteristics of the 3 groups of microorganisms

7.4. Create a balanced school menu

7.5. They can identify the different languages of their class context,

7.6. They can classify good actions to improve our environment.

7.7. they can put in order different data . they can drawing a graph and interpret the characteristics