Should Innovation Fund invest in BiomeSense?

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Should Innovation Fund invest in BiomeSense? by Mind Map: Should Innovation Fund invest in BiomeSense?

1. What are the microbiome testing market dynamics?

1.1. Who are the customers?

1.1.1. Does the product create significant customer value?

1.1.2. What is the customer's willingness to pay?

1.1.3. Can we expand the customer base as BiomeSense scales?

1.2. Who are the major competitors in the microbiome market?

1.2.1. Do competitors have competing products to BiomeSense's product in the market already?

1.2.2. What is BiomeSense's competitive advantage/differentiator?

1.3. Who is paying for BiomeSense's products? Patients out of pocket? Insurance payors? Pharma companies?

1.3.1. Do we need to establish medical guidelines for our product?

1.4. Does the business model work? Are marketplace incentives aligned for payors, providers, patients, pharma companies, etc.?

2. Does BiomeSense have the right team in place to succeed?

2.1. How well does the executive team work together?

2.2. How fast can the team iterate?

2.3. What unique skill(s) does each team member bring?

2.4. How long has the team known each other?

2.5. What makes the team so passionate about the microbiome space?

2.6. Is the team aligned on BiomeSense's mission statement?

2.6.1. What is BiomeSense's mission statement?

3. What are BiomeSense's risks?

3.1. What is the legal/regulatory environment for BiomeSense's product?

3.1.1. Can we protect our tech with IP trademarks or patents?

3.1.2. Does the product need FDA approval? What is the chance of getting regulatory approval?

3.2. Does the technology work?

3.2.1. Analytical validity Sensitivity and specificity (i.e. are you able to detect the quantity of microbes correctly?) Limit of detection (i.e. minimum fecal matter requirements)

3.2.2. Clinical validity How accurate is the interpretation? (i.e. are you able to determine drug efficacy?)

3.3. Is the clinical utility of BiomeSense's product clear?

3.3.1. What can you do with the clinical data provided?

3.3.2. What can you do with the clinical data provided?

3.3.3. Who are the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the microbiome space that BiomeSense should partner with to endorse/approve the product?

3.3.4. What is BiomeSense's medical/scientific journal publishing strategy to prove efficacy of their product?

3.4. What are the operational risks for BiomeSense's product?

3.4.1. How long does a time-longitudinal study take (e.g. 1 week, 6 months, 3 years?)

3.4.2. Who is responsible for device maintenance? BiomeSense or the customer (e.g. CRO or pharma company)?

3.4.3. What is the distribution strategy? / How will customers get their hands on BiomeSense's product?