Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming

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Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming by Mind Map: Change hiking experience for pet owners with gaming

1. Hiking for pet owners

1.1. Advices to do hiking with your dog

1.1.1. Do research

1.1.2. Upgrade your first aid kit

1.1.3. Train with your dog

1.1.4. Follow trail etiquette

1.1.5. Pack gear for your dog too

1.2. Top 5 Starter Hikes in Europe

1.2.1. Old Man Of Storr, Trotternish, Isle Of Skye

1.2.2. The Mount Blanc Area, France

1.2.3. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

1.2.4. Bolzano, Trentino, Italy

1.2.5. Giants Causeway, County Antrim, N. Ireland

1.3. Alternatives activities to do with your pet

1.3.1. Races to do with your pet Running with the Bears Marathon 12K’s of Christmas Chariots of Fur Beach Run Paws FUR Pink Columbia Gorge Marathon & Half Marathon

1.3.2. Traditional games to do with your pet Play with a flirt pole or a frisbee Do an obstacle course Do a treasure hunt

1.4. Listen to podcast to prepare you for the hiking

2. Gaming as a solution ?

2.1. Average weekly hours spent playing video games :

2.1.1. France : 7h/week

2.1.2. Germany : 8h/week

2.1.3. Japan : 7h/week

2.2. What materials are needed to use the Virtual Reality ?

2.2.1. VR Headsets

2.2.2. Computer

2.2.3. VR Controllers

2.2.4. Headphones

2.2.5. Headset/Controller Covers

2.2.6. Charging & Docking Stations

2.2.7. Cleaning Equipment

2.3. Virtual Reality Hiking Games

2.3.1. Trailscape

2.3.2. The Climb

2.3.3. Virtual Vacation Tours

2.3.4. Camp 4 Collective

2.4. Augmented reality Gaming

2.4.1. Pokémon Go

2.4.2. The Machines

2.4.3. Army of Robots

2.4.4. Zombies, Run!

2.4.5. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

2.5. Portable games consoles

2.5.1. Nintendo Switch Lite

2.5.2. Sony PlayStation Portable

2.5.3. Nintendo Game Boy Advance

2.5.4. Nintendo 3DS

3. The issue --> 50 percent of pet owners weren't walking their dogs regularly according to a study

3.1. BUT taking care of a pet = being able to take him on regular walk

4. BUT Isn't it : hiking to enjoy the outside world ?

4.1. So why are we pushing dog owners to play video games, even in times supposed to be screen free ?

4.1.1. First, people must commit to their pet when they adopt one

4.1.2. Second, people (specially young ones) have to espace from the virtual world and try to enjoy the real world sometimes

4.1.3. Therefore according to me real questions should be : How can we give players desire to go out for a break during walks with their pets ? How can we change the way of living of people who are addicted to gaming ?