Healthcare Informatics Technologies

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Healthcare Informatics Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Informatics Technologies

1. Patient Portal

1.1. Allows the patient to access their medical records, communicate with their provider team and be allowed the opportunity to engage in their medical care.

2. Electronic Medical Record Systems

2.1. An electronic database utilized to house the complete record of a patient's medical care.

2.2. This is to include but not be limited to; patient's medical history, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing and imaging reports, pathology reports and continuity of care documents from other care providers.

3. Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

3.1. Allows for more accurate and legible ordering processes from the medical provider(s).

3.2. Provides more integrity to the processors of the orders.

4. Quality Data Reporting

4.1. Allows for more optimal and timely reporting.

4.2. Provides more opportunity for return on investment when you are able to run statistical and quantitative data from discrete data fields.

5. Medical Billing

5.1. Allows for more optimization of the ICD coding system.

5.2. Provides more consistency with coding and documenting.

5.3. Provides an electronic means of submission which in turn produces more accuracy as opposed to utilizing paper claims and the USPS.