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Big Data by Mind Map: Big Data

1. Definition

1.1. the collection of all this data and our ability to use it to our advantage across a wide range of areas,

1.2. a set of techniques and technologies that require new forms of integration to uncover large hidden values from large datasets

2. Characteristics

2.1. volume

2.1.1. The amount of data (which, sometimes, can reach almost incomprehensible proportions).

2.2. Velocity

2.2.1. The speed of data processing - velocity essentially measures how fast the data is coming in.

2.3. Variety

2.3.1. Data today comes in all types of formats.

2.3.2. Unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, stock ticker data and financial transactions.

2.3.3. Structured, numeric data in traditional databases.

3. Practices and Applications

3.1. Banking and Securities

3.2. Communications, Media and Entertainment

3.3. Healthcare Providers

3.4. Education

3.5. Manufacturing and Natural Resources

3.6. Government

3.7. Insurance

3.8. Retail and Wholesale trade

3.9. Transportation

3.10. Energy and Utilities