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Bucketlist.city by Mind Map: Bucketlist.city

1. MVP

1.1. What are we testing?

1.2. How are we measuring it?

1.3. What will success look like?

2. 4-1-1

2.1. 4.1 Free trip planner

2.2. 4.2 Sustainability indicator and optimiser for trips

2.3. 4.3

2.4. 4.4

2.5. 1.1 Commission from suppliers for component bookings

2.6. 1.2 Advertising/sponsorship of specific areas (example: EK sponsoring a new route, Tourist board promoting their destination)


3.1. Build a Community of people passionate about travel who will be willing to share their trips or get inspiration for their trips from other travellers.

3.1.1. HOW? Grow Social following (Instagram, LinkedIn....) Collect customer details What details we need to collect? PR

3.2. Create a platform that will give users an easy, fun, exciting, engaging platform to research, plan, book and share their holidays

3.2.1. WHAT DO WE NEED? Developed with Mobile First philosophy Connect to Suppliers Shall we do this immediately?

3.3. The TEAM

3.3.1. Who? Gary Fabio ?? ??

3.3.2. What will everyone will be responsible for?

4. TO DO