Mako-Cloud Onboarding Project


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Mako-Cloud Onboarding Project by Mind Map: Mako-Cloud Onboarding Project

1. Objectives

1.1. Cloud base

1.1.1. In scope Firewall service First line Second line Monitoring virtual applicance Internet service Internet line with 20 Mbits DDoS Protection Site to site VPN

1.1.2. Out of scope On-premise Firewall Public DNS Public customer certificate

1.2. IaaS

1.2.1. In scope VM provisioning (7) Configure backup to tape job Coordinate business app re-installation on new VMs (8 hours)

1.2.2. Out of scope OS Licences Deployment of Antivirus Deployment of Monitorinf solution Monthly patching

1.3. Desktop as a Service

1.3.1. In scope Installation of Desktop control layer Integration of the Desktop platform environment with the VMware ESX environment Coordinate business app re-installation on new VMs (8 hours) Natrive print drivers installation Deployment of the 30 VDIs

1.3.2. Out of scope Business applications' cleints Configuration of end-user devices "on premise"

1.4. AD/O365

1.4.1. In scope Deployment of new Active Directory inside SSL Cloud platform Preparation of Office 365 and Exchange Online Azure AD Connect Deployment Active Directory Migration Exchange Online Migration Documentation

1.4.2. Out of scope Any other applications available in Office 365 Definition of ACLs, Security group and Distribution lists Decommissioning of old infrastructure All actions not mentioned in the “in scope” section

2. Project Goals

2.1. Cloud Onboarding

3. Project Team

3.1. Customer

3.1.1. IT Team Damien MATTUCCI IT Manager

3.1.2. COPIL Alain WAGNER Managing Director

3.2. SSL

3.2.1. IT Team Mike DELANNOY Project Manager Benoit MORIN Network & Security Engineer Sebastiano INGALLO EUC Engineer Michael GEYER MS Application Engineer Grégory SOTTIAUX MS Application Engineer Fabien CLAUSI Technical Engineer

3.2.2. COPIL Sebastien ISTACE IT Director

3.2.3. Sales Thierry BOUSEFSAF Account Manager

3.3. External Supplier

4. Phases

4.1. P1-Initiation

4.1.1. WP1-Assessment Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.1.2. WP2-Design Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.2. P2-Delivery

4.2.1. WP3-Implementation Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.2.2. WP4-Test & Validation Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.3. P3-Closure

4.3.1. WP5-Documentation Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.3.2. WP6-Knowledge Transfer Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

4.3.3. WP7-Migration Network and Security IaaS EUC O365

5. Communication Plan

5.1. Kick-Off

5.1.1. Method Meeting - OnSite

5.1.2. Audience COPIL + Project Team

5.1.3. Frequency At begining of project

5.2. Team standup

5.2.1. Method Meeting

5.2.2. Frequency Daily

5.2.3. Audience Project Team

5.3. Project Status Report

5.3.1. Method Email

5.3.2. Frequency At milestones

5.3.3. Audience COPIL

5.4. Project Closure

5.4.1. Method Meeting

5.4.2. Frequency At end of project

5.4.3. Audience COPIL + Project Team

5.5. Escalation (Issue, Change, Risk)

5.5.1. Method Email

5.5.2. Frequency When identified

5.5.3. Audience COPIL + Project Manager

6. Risk

6.1. Very High

6.2. High

6.2.1. Telecom lines

6.3. Medium

6.3.1. Thin Clients compatibility

6.4. Low

6.5. Very Low

6.6. Mitigated

6.6.1. OS licences key for IaaS VMs

6.6.2. On premise Firewalls

6.6.3. SSL Certificates