What connected object could be created in order to facilitate moving out experience for students?

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What connected object could be created in order to facilitate moving out experience for students? by Mind Map: What connected object could be created in order to facilitate moving out experience for students?

1. An IoT solution is the result of a combination of 5 distinct components

1.1. Objects to catch valued data

1.1.1. All the active and passive equipments, which can generate exploitable data that create value for the users Passive equipment Sensors Active equipment Enrich data Transfer data Data is as diverse as jobs. It can be about temperature, humidity, localisation, etc...

1.2. Networks to transfer data

1.2.1. Preponderant link in an IoT project Choose the area coverage A campus A city The entire world Will the object have got a constant power supply? This criteria depends on Technologies to be used can be LPWAN: Sigfox and LoRaWAN M2M RFID Bluetooth

1.3. Data, the value in its raw form

1.3.1. Raw material collected from the objects or the industrial process tools for the IoT Stocked, archived and saved in a data base A structured data base enhances the performance of IoT service regarding operation

1.4. Information, starting point of value creation

1.4.1. Information is the resultant of processed, correlated and analyzed data By correlating few different values, information is created Example

1.5. Applications to monitor and make decisions

1.5.1. Human machine interfaces on which data can be visualized in the form of graphs, data tables, reports, etc... Complement mechanisms can also be created, such as email or text alerts Those applications can be accessed on smartphones and tablets

2. Another way to understand what is IoT and how it works

2.1. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSIPNhOiMoE

2.2. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlhmzVL5bm8

2.3. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzy84Vb_Gxk

3. Definition of Internet of Things (IoT)

3.1. "An open and comprehensive network of intelligent objects that have the capacity to auto-organize, share information, data and resources, reacting and acting in face of situations and changes in the environment"

3.1.1. The classic definition of IoT by Kevin Ashton (1999).

3.2. IoT refers to "the coding and networking of everyday objects and things to render them individually machine-readable and traceable on the Internet".

3.2.1. Source: Biddlecombe, E. (2009) UN Predicts "Internet of Things". Retrieved July 6.

3.3. It is a "global network which allows the communication between human-to-human, human-to-things and things-to-things, which is anything in the world by providing unique identity to each and every object".

3.3.1. Source: Aggarwal, R. and Las Das, M. (2012) RFID Security in the Context of "Internet of Things". First International Conference on Security of Internet of Things, Kerala, 17-19 August 2012, 51-56.

4. Moving out implies different things

4.1. Administrative documents

4.1.1. Tenancy agreement

4.1.2. Insurance(s)

4.2. Logistic

4.2.1. Removal van

4.2.2. Mover company

4.2.3. Moving costs

4.3. Bank

4.3.1. Account

4.4. Medicine

4.4.1. General practicioner

4.4.2. Insurance

4.5. Transportation