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SPAIN by Mind Map: SPAIN


1.1. The meseta

1.1.1. Mountains that sourounds it Montes de león Cantabrian ranges Sistema iberico Sierra Morena

1.1.2. Outer mountain ranges Mazizo Galaico Pyrinees Beatic system Catalan mediterranean Sea

1.1.3. River basin Ebro Guadalquivir

1.1.4. Island reliefs Belary Canary

1.1.5. Inland reliefs Central sistem Montes de toledo


2.1. Cantabric wattershed

2.1.1. These are short with strong currents Bidasoa Nervión Dava Sella Nalón Narcea Navia

2.2. Atlantic wattershed

2.2.1. These are long rivers Miño Duero Tajo Guardiana Guadalquivir Tinto Odiel

2.3. Mediterranean wattershed

2.3.1. Every river except the Ebro is short and has a low and irregular volume Ebro Júcar Ter Llobregat Mijares Turia Segura Almanzona Guadalhorce


3.1. Cape

3.1.1. Cape of Gata

3.1.2. Cape of Palos

3.1.3. Cape of la Nao

3.1.4. Cape Machichaco

3.1.5. Cape of Peñas

3.1.6. Cape of Bares

3.1.7. Cape of Ortegal

3.1.8. Cape of Finesterre

3.1.9. Cape of St. Vicent

3.2. Gulfs

3.2.1. Gulf of Almeria

3.2.2. Gulf of Alicante

3.2.3. Gulf of Valencia

3.2.4. Gulf of Roses

3.2.5. Gulf of Lion

3.2.6. Gulf of Cádiz

3.2.7. Gulf of Mazarrón