Membrane, transport and signaling

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Membrane, transport and signaling by Mind Map: Membrane, transport and signaling

1. Membrane

1.1. Surrounds every living cell

1.2. Lipid bilayer

1.2.1. Allows the cell to maintain interior environment.

1.3. Consist of a lipid bilayer

1.3.1. The most abundant are the phospholipids The head is water loving The tail is water repelling

1.3.2. Proteins Integral membrane Peripheral membrane

2. Transport

2.1. Nutrients

2.2. Transport proteins

2.2.1. Selective permeability

2.3. Diffusion

2.3.1. Process by which molecules move Small molecules diffuse across lipid bilayers easily

2.3.2. The movement of molecules from regions of higher concentration to region of lower. Concentration gradient:difference in density between one and another region. Equilibrium: concentration of molecules on both sides is equal

2.3.3. Facilitated diffusion Protein create a pathway for bulky molecules can pass trough the membrane. (The movement ) Ion Chanels Pathways trough the membrane Passive transport

2.3.4. Osmosis The diffusion of water

3. Sinaling molecules

3.1. Cell division termination to defend

3.2. Cells react through receptor proteins

3.2.1. Receptors recognize non melecular signals

3.2.2. All cels have receptors

3.3. Signaling pathway

3.3.1. Signal molecule actives or generates other until the final response

3.4. Ion Chanel open or close

3.5. Receptors response to a signal signaling pathway makes us who we are (growth/feelings )