Encourage museum visit experience for clubbers thanks to gaming

Assignment for Designing with Web Part 3, topic: Encourage museum visit experience for clubbers thanks to gaming

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Encourage museum visit experience for clubbers thanks to gaming by Mind Map: Encourage museum visit experience for clubbers thanks to gaming

1. In-museum games

1.1. Type of games

1.1.1. Analog games 2D games 3D/4D/... games

1.1.2. Live-action game Normal interactive games VR games Life-sized immersive games

1.1.3. Mobile/app based games Single player games No interactivity among players With interactivity among players Multiple players games

1.1.4. Quizzes With interactivity No interactivity

1.2. Purpose of games

1.2.1. Education Adults Children

1.2.2. Improving visitor engagement

1.2.3. Attracting new group of visitors

1.3. Relevant technologies

1.3.1. 3D/4D/...

1.3.2. Virtual reality

1.3.3. Augmented reality

1.3.4. Artificial intelligence

1.3.5. Gesture control

1.3.6. Facial recognition

1.3.7. Voice recognition

1.3.8. High image quality

1.3.9. High-def displays

1.3.10. Wearable gaming

1.3.11. Portable device gaming

2. Museum Experiences

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Decoration Color Texture Overall style Indoor luminance Furniture Plants Other indoor/outdoor landscape

2.1.2. Accessibility Ticket price Queue length Open hours Location Transportation nearby

2.1.3. Basic service Guidance Multi-language explanation Souvenir store

2.1.4. Basic facilties Common rest room Chairs in exhibition hall Toilets Drinking fountain

2.2. Psychological

2.2.1. Learning experience

2.2.2. Engagement

2.2.3. Inspiration

2.2.4. Satisfaction

3. Clubbers

3.1. Type of clubbers

3.1.1. Absolute party-animal Partying regularly and getting crazy each time

3.1.2. Rationally self-indulgent Partying with plan or schedule and self-control

3.1.3. Passive follower Just following friends to have fun together

3.1.4. One-purpose Only for enjoying the music or dancing to the full or getting drunk

3.1.5. Social butterflies Just finding another place to socialize with or without purposes

3.1.6. Petrified teenager Teenagers looking for something exciting or pretending to be adults

3.2. Type of favorite club

3.2.1. Plastic bar

3.2.2. Live-music bar

3.2.3. Pub

3.2.4. Strip slub

3.2.5. Hotel bar

3.2.6. Nostalgia bar

3.2.7. Sports bar

3.2.8. Irish pub

3.2.9. Neighborhood dive

3.2.10. Speciality bar

3.2.11. High-concept bar

3.2.12. "College" bar

3.3. Purpose for clubbing

3.3.1. Self-indulgence: drinking or dancing to the full or hunting for romance

3.3.2. Regular rational relaxing activity with self-control

3.3.3. Spending good time with friends

3.3.4. Socializing with or without purposes

3.3.5. Looking for exciting experiences