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1. Area 1: Professional Engagement

1.1. Score: 88% areas to be focused on include collaboration with colleagues, increasing opportunities for joint production, being part of meaningful organisational change

2. Area 2: Digital Resources

2.1. Score: 92%, areas to focus on include increased knowledge of digital use across college, ensure use of TEL enhances learning outcomes, increased security measures required for devices to ensure encryption present

3. Area 3: Teaching and Learning

3.1. Score: 75%; focus on how to increase knowledge of learner needs, especially as class sizes are increasing. increase opportunities for representation of feedback in form of online quizzes. video presentation etc, use digital forums, blogs as a means for collaboration, increased knowledge of how to foster learner self regulation

4. Area 4: Assessment

4.1. Score: 50%. Lowest score: Focus on multiple means of representation when it comes to assessment and how to assess learners digital competence complements assessment

5. Area 5: Empowering Learners

5.1. Score: 83%; increase opportunities for conversations with learners about digital options, organise learning platforms to aid with individualised learning abilities, give ownership of digital content to student encouraging them to make quizzes etc

6. Area 6: Facilitating Learners' Digital Competence

6.1. Score 55%; focus on increasing opportunities for learners to think critically, communicate, collaborate, create digital content, reflect on digital safety, increase digital problem solving opportunities