Student Agency

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Student Agency by Mind Map: Student Agency

1. Key Skills

1.1. Seeks challenges

1.2. Uses effort and practice to grow

1.2.1. Grows from setbacks

1.3. Build confidence

1.4. Find personal relevance

2. Main Goal: Developing a Growth Mindset

3. Gives students a voice in their education

4. Advanced

4.1. Seeks out resources and supports when needed in order to create higher quality work

4.2. Independently reflects on their actions, decision-making, and learning

4.3. Actively works to improve skills

4.4. Actively seeks feedback from others

4.5. Able to adjust strategies when they do not work out

5. Proficient

5.1. Often takes risks in their learning (takes on challenges, goes beyond, etc.)

5.2. Builds confidence from their strengths

5.3. Completes assignments on time

5.4. Gets started on tasks without prompting from the teacher

5.5. Actively participates in class discussions and activities

6. Emerging

6.1. Is unable to complete tasks in a reasonable timeline

6.2. Is often hesitant to take risks in their learning, even with encouragement

6.3. Struggles to identify strengths

6.4. Struggles to see failures and challenges as an opportunity for growth

7. Students grow at different rates and exhibit different traits based on where they are at in their learning journey

7.1. In middle school, students show the following characteristics of student agency depending on their ability level regarding their mindset (growth vs. fixed):

8. Developing

8.1. Completes assignments at slower pace or alternative timeline

8.2. Shows a limited willingness to practice skills in order to get better at something

8.3. Takes limited risks in their learning or takes risks only with encouragement

8.4. Gets started fairly quickly on tasks after teacher prompt or direction

8.5. Attempts to work through challenges but may easily give up