Introduction to Adjectives

By: J Viteri99

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Introduction to Adjectives by Mind Map: Introduction to Adjectives

1. Possessive

1.1. Example: My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, Your, Their.

2. Demonstrative

2.1. Example: This, That, Those.

3. Qualifying

3.1. Example: Brown eyes, Big boy, Pretty Lady, Fast car, Smart man, Small cat.

4. Quantitative

4.1. Example: Some, Any, Many, Much.

5. Interrogatives

5.1. Example: Which ?, What, Where ?, How?

6. Numerics

6.1. Example: First, One, Second, Double, Third, Four.

7. Adjective describe:

7.1. Nouns

7.2. Pronouns

8. Structure

8.1. Subject+Linking verb+Adjective.

8.2. Example: juliana seems funny

9. By: J Viteri99