The Atlantic System

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The Atlantic System by Mind Map: The Atlantic System

1. Three Commodities that dramatically change and elevate Europe's global position in comparison to other regions

1.1. Silver

1.1.1. Transformed Iberian states' status amongst Asian states and Empires, enhancing trade relationships

1.1.2. The first conquistadors of America took more precious metals than all Europeans to follow

1.1.3. The first Europeans to arrive in America hoarded silver and other metals for themselves, which developed into a sign of wealth Through time, silver was introduced into global trade systems and was valued very high The Spanish were exceptionally invested in precious metals They expended much efforts into direct mining in the Americas and were very successful at doing so. They often annually collected upwards of 50,000 tons of silver during their prime times of mining Silver brought wealth to not only royalty, but also a select group of very privileged families, which in return, fueled private wealth funds for local causes When Europeans arrived, they often turned to indigenous Amerindian peoples as means for slave exploitation for purposes of mining

1.2. Sugar

1.2.1. Most valuable American export By the eighteenth century, sugar became a very influential American commodity

1.2.2. American sugarcane was taken from the cane most popular in West Africa

1.3. Slaves

1.3.1. The slave industry helped fund shipbuilding and other insurance plots Sugar cultivation was a major use of slave exploitation Because of the rigorous abuse of native peoples, their populations shrank, so Europeans began importing African slaves American sugarcane was taken from cane formally used in West Africa

1.3.2. Made sugar cultivation and profits largely successful Because of this, economic and political growth increased exponentially

1.3.3. Spaniards and other European groups used those of Amerindian villages as means of slavery They were often used for mining purposes Fatality rates were extremely because of intense labor These workers collected so much silver that it influenced Europe's relationship as a whole with all global networks, especially those between India and China

1.3.4. African slaves were traded to the Americas most popularly during the time circa 18th century Often used for sugar First voyage of importing slaves occurred in 1525 About 10 million Africans were important between 1500 and 1820 Africa had a long history of slave trade prior to the Atlantic System More slaves traded in the Muslim world than the Atlantic System Slaves were typically assigned to serving individual families, rather than plantations