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1. hardworking

1.1. Give students some homework regularly.

1.1.1. Effectively for students

1.2. to do a bit difficult levelof class for students. It is challenge.

1.2.1. to be able to improve

1.3. to give first priority to students

2. kind

2.1. belive for students

2.1.1. also listen to student's opinions

2.2. to care of each student's mind

2.2.1. to see each students to take students consultation if they are trouble to solve it together

2.3. to exchangewith students so much

2.3.1. to build trust

3. smart

3.1. easy to understand

3.1.1. to have many idea to make students interesting in the class to enjoy learning anything

3.1.2. to have luxuriant imaginations to respect each student's character

3.2. to teach that is important for student not only study but also lifestyle

3.2.1. to greet for someone

3.2.2. to have compassion

3.2.3. to be punctual

4. they make students grow

4.1. to get many experiences for students

4.2. praise student

4.2.1. to give student's motivation make student positive

4.3. to give care to students without violence if they do some bad things

4.3.1. make understand

5. to equalize

5.1. to teach

5.2. to evaluate

5.3. to care

6. How character are teachers who is popular

7. What is important for teachers

8. What teacher shouldn't do for students