Letting Go of Stuff

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Letting Go of Stuff by Mind Map: Letting Go of Stuff

1. Travel Light

1.1. World not home

1.1.1. Heb 13:14

1.2. Letting Go of Distractions Destroy

1.3. Letting go ofPhysical clutter

1.4. Letting go of Mental clutter

1.5. Life goes on

1.5.1. Accumulate

1.5.2. Distractions

1.5.3. Hurts

1.5.4. Disappointments Travel Lite Letting Go Distractions Bitterness Control Failure Stuff

2. Series

3. QR Letting Go of Stuff

4. The Series

4.1. Letting Go of Distractions

4.2. Letting Go of Bitterness

4.3. Letting Go of Control

4.4. Letting Go of Your Past

4.5. In Two Weeks

4.5.1. Promo video

4.5.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

4.6. Today - Letting Go of Stuff

4.7. Travel Light

5. What you don’t have is what you need to be

5.1. Happy

5.2. Fulfilled

5.3. Complete!

5.4. I want it all

5.4.1. $1 Good $2 Better

5.4.2. 1 Car Good 2 Better

5.4.3. 1 Vacatin Good 2 Better

6. Two is not better than one

6.1. Ecc 4:6

6.1.1. It’s better to have less of what doesn’t matter and more of what does.

6.2. Luke 12:15

6.2.1. My life does not consist of stuff You are not What you drive Where you live What you wear Who you know

6.3. What if the stuff you have is robbing you of the life you want?

6.3.1. Ecc 4:6



7.1.1. Owning less is better than organizing more Guy had stuff His stuff stuff

7.1.2. Matt 19:22

7.1.3. Everything you have Costs you Store it Care for it Owns a bit of you

7.1.4. 2 main reasons hold stuff FEAR Might need Children might want Don’t want to waste! SENTIMENT Gift First ribbon Diaper Tidying up My closet Ecc 4:6

8. Better One


8.1.1. 62% of people admit to shopping to make themselves happy I feel down saucepan more get in debt and feel worse

8.1.2. So I Buy things I don't need With money I don't have To impress people I don't like


8.2.1. Ps 119:36-37 Things don't define who I am God says who I am

8.2.2. Experiences are more important than things


8.3.1. 1 Timothy 6:17 You are rich compared to the world Things are for enjoyment

8.3.2. 1 Timothy 6:18

8.3.3. 1 Timothy 6:19

9. World is not your home

9.1. Are you accumulating on earth what you cannot keep? Or are you investing in heaven what you cannot lose?

10. The True Life!

10.1. I don't have emotional getting stories

10.2. I don't have emotional keeping stories

10.3. I do have emotional giving stories

10.4. It's not stuff

10.4.1. It's the experiences I have with the people I love.

10.5. Are you