Letting Go of Distractions

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Letting Go of Distractions by Mind Map: Letting Go of Distractions

1. Series

2. QR Letting Go of Distractions

3. The Series

3.1. Letting Go of Stuff

3.2. Letting Go of Bitterness

3.3. Letting Go of Control

3.4. Letting Go of Your Past

3.5. In Two Weeks

3.5.1. Promo video

3.5.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

3.6. Today - Letting Go of Distractions

4. Travel Light

4.1. World not home

4.1.1. Heb 13:14

4.2. Letting Go of Distractions

4.3. Letting Go of Control

4.4. Letting go of you past

4.5. Vision and values Faith Filled Bet the farm Risk takers

5. Distraction

5.1. Hard to focus

5.1.1. During my messages Where are we going to eat It's hard to focus looking at you Some of you sleep Some of you playing angry birds

5.2. Definition: A pulling apart, separating, a drawing of the mind in different directions

5.3. The devil doesn’t need to destroy you if he can distract you

5.4. Luke 10:38-42

5.4.1. Luke 10:38

5.4.2. Luke 10:39

5.4.3. Luke 10:40 After all the son of God was there for lunch

5.4.4. Luke 10:40 SJK Every family has that Don't think so... Thank God for Martha You get to eat If Mary ruled the wold you get no food.

5.4.5. Luke 10:41

5.4.6. Luke 10:42 There is so much to be distracted by She wasn't doing anything wrong

5.5. So often the most difficult choices aren’t between good and bad but between good and best.

5.5.1. All satan has to do is distract you

5.5.2. That is his main goal

5.5.3. The devil doesn’t need to destroy you if he can distract you

6. How do you choose the best?

6.1. Diminish the distractions

6.1.1. . 1 Cor 7:35 NLT

6.2. Common distraction

6.2.1. Mobile device

6.2.2. Average person Over 2 hours per day Social Media 7 years scrolling and tapping Click Scroll On average every 10 minutes

7. You God is to great and Your calling to awesome to be distracted.

7.1. Treat it like temptation

7.2. Prov 5:8 NLT

7.3. Why resist temptation

7.4. Future

7.5. Power eliminate it today?

7.5.1. Diminish the distractions

7.5.2. Focus on the important

7.6. Want to be successful

7.6.1. Do more

7.6.2. More of what matters

7.7. Say no to the good to say yes to best.

8. Grow with your “no’s”.

8.1. Prov 4:25

8.2. With fixed purpose—Look straight ahead—Ignore life’s distractions

8.3. Heb 12:2

8.4. Baseball

8.4.1. Keep your eye on the ball

8.5. Peter falls in the water

8.5.1. Matthew 14

8.5.2. Mark 6

8.5.3. John 6

8.5.4. If you sinking all the time Your eyes are in the wrong place Matthew 6:33

9. First

9.1. First thing in the morning

9.2. First day of the week

9.3. First fruits of our labor

9.4. First month of the year

9.5. Mary

9.6. 1