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Mobile Learning by Mind Map: Mobile Learning

1. Definition

1.1. Mobile learning basically learning with portable technologies and for certain people mobile learning is simply an extension of electronic learning.

2. Benefits & Disadvantages

2.1. Benefits

2.1.1. Bringing a new technology vibe into the classroom

2.1.2. Could be used as part of a learning approach which uses different types of activities.

2.1.3. The capability to handle special case students and with special needs.

2.1.4. A decent IT support is provided.

2.2. Disadvantages

2.2.1. The availability of connectivity on certain places also the battery life.

2.2.2. The number of files supported on certain devices

2.2.3. The cost needed for users to use.

2.2.4. Learning support across many contexts.

3. Charasteristic

3.1. 2. First thing first, it’s available and accessible virtually from anywhere the user like. The ability to providing access to all different learning materials available. Able to provide different types of learning materials available. Capable for sharing almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content.

4. Examples

4.1. Smartphones, a handheld device that most people have and is able to perform mobile learning. Multi-game devices, a console that capable of performing mobile learning similar to a smartphone. Personal digital assistants, pda for short also capable of mobile learning , somehow they’re limited as to what they can learn.

5. Future of e-learning

5.1. 5. NFC – Near field communication or NFC for short used to transmit data from a device to a receiver, typically used to make cashless payments. Sensors & accelerometers – Is used to sense movements or vibrations, typically used in mall automated doorway. 2D codes – 2D codes or QR code is what people call nowadays, typically used to contain a certain information