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Internet Marketing by Mind Map: Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing


ClickTracks - various prices


customer feedback

past customer interactions

people who bought, online survey, phone calls, email interaction

people who did not buy, online survey

server log files

learn what you already rank for

find common core keywords

find common modifiers

find keywords with limited competition relative to their value


Google Analytics - free

Mint - $30 one time fee

conversion tracking

keywords & the buying cycle, understanding the buying cycle, create brand evangelists, high value of branded keywords, conversion oriented keywords

what keywords convert poorly, words with another meaning, words with no commercial intent

valuable modifiers

bad modifiers (ie: free, cheap)

market research

paid search campaigns

Google, AdSense, find popular pages using placement performance reports, use site targeting to estimate traffic volumes, AdWords, find new keywords with search query performance reports, use market feedback to refine campaign

Yahoo Search Marketing

MSN AdCenter

paid search tools

keyword research tools

Google, Traffic Estimator, AdWords Sandbox - for keywords or URLs, Google Suggest, Google Sets





Keyword Discovery


competitive research tools Search Analytics - by industry or URL

SpyFU - organic and paid search

KeyCompete - paid search

SEO Digger - organic search

SEO for Firefox


news, subscribe to Google News RSS feeds for searches, read top industry news channels

blogs, subscribe to RSS feeds for searches, read top industry blogs

industry research, research firms, MediaPost, Trendspotting, Google Advertising Industry Metrics, industry non profits, competing sites, site structure, link structure, promotions, recent news, network feedback, CJ advertiser stats, ClickBank Marketplace

search, Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz

retail, Amazon, New Releases, Best Sellers, Movers & Shakers, eBay, Pulse, Marketplace Research

web design

logo design





OSWD - free

Template Monster

web designers

forums and freelance sites

recommendations from friends

design software


Adobe Photoshop

content management systems



blogging tips



on site marketing

site architecture (aligned w keyword profile)

local & international strategies

leveraging subdomains

temporal & seasonal promotions

original compelling editorial & useful tools

place additional link weight on key pages

on page SEO strategies

magnetic headlines

page title & meta tags

avoid duplication

SEO glossary


start with a strong domain, auctions, SnapNames, TDNam, SEDO, marketplaces, Afternic, BuyDomains, Fabulous, SEDO, direct purchase

create niche promotional sites

buy trusted competing sites


Don't Make Me Think

professional usability reviews

link marketing

web directories

niche, industry associations, local directories

general, Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ,, JoeAnt, BOTW, Gimpsy

understanding markets

The Cluetrain Manifesto - how markets work

Purple Cow - how to be remarkable


contests and awards




widgets & gadgets

ideas that appeal to egos of popular publishers

how to buy links without being called a spammer


encourage sharing and bookmarking on your site

social bookmarking sites,, StumbleUpon, Digg, niche


distribute content on third party sites,, Squidoo, HubPages, Blog Carnivals, write for friends and/or related sites, video, YouTube, Google Video, Camtasia - makescreen recorded videos, social networks, MySpace, FaceBook, Orkut

encourage subscribing to your feed

write for other high authority sites

create brand evangelists that syndicate your ideas

paid ads

blog reviews, ReviewMe, Blogsvertise

sponsorships, websites, newsletters, events, non profit organizations

independant link buys

link networks, Text Link Ads, Text Link Brokers

affiliate programs

direct, iDevAffiliate

networks, CJ, LinkShare



affiliate programs, CJ, LinkShare, Performics, Auction Ads, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, smaller networks, independent / direct

direct ad sales, Open Ads, Ad Juggler, BlogAds, AdBrite, flat rate text links

network, CPM, Valueclick, Burst Media, Casale Media, Tribal Fusion, CPC, AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network


products or services

subscription vs one time fee

payment processors, Paypal, Google Checkout, ClickBank

indirect revenues



equity stakes in companies

influencing markets