Chapter 7: Mobile Learning

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Chapter 7: Mobile Learning by Mind Map: Chapter 7: Mobile Learning

1. Definition

1.1. form of content produced and accessed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, from podcasts to complete eLearning courses.

2. Characteristics

2.1. Portability devices

2.1.1. Very convenient as it can be moved and carried easily

2.2. Interactivity

2.2.1. learners could interact with the instructor and share the content with everyone

2.3. Comprehensive

2.3.1. allow learners to choose a preferred format or method of learning or provider of training

2.4. Provides access to all the different learning materials available.

3. Advantages

3.1. able to access learning content anywhere and anytime

3.2. Light weight devices

3.3. Learning become more fun and engaging

3.4. Good IT support is needed.

4. Disadvantages

4.1. Reading on a small screen can lead to eye strain

4.2. technology devices can drain batteries quickly

4.3. smartphone user might get distracted by the social media notifications

4.4. Accessibility and cost barriers for end users

5. Example of mobile learning technologies

5.1. QR Codes

5.2. E-books

5.3. Personal audio player

5.4. Smartphone

5.5. Personal Digital Assistant