Teri and Keira's Dilemma

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Teri and Keira's Dilemma by Mind Map: Teri and Keira's Dilemma

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Teri and Keira

1.2. Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona

1.3. Inga

1.4. The PT Director

1.5. The hospital

2. Ethical Principles

2.1. Fidelity

2.2. Justice

3. Core Values

3.1. Altruism

3.2. Equality

4. Possible actions

4.1. Teri doesn't inform Keira and does nothing, allowing the discrimination to continue.

4.1.1. Both Inga and Keira leave the hospital and Teri moves up in seniority.

4.1.2. The company finds out about the discrimination and Teri gets in trouble.

4.2. Teri talks to Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona about their actions.

4.2.1. The women realize their mistakes and stop discriminating against their coworkers.

4.2.2. The women don't listen and begin to spread rumors about Teri as well.

4.3. Teri informs Keira and Inga but they do nothing.

4.3.1. Keira and Inga are now aware of the discrimination, and continue to work hard while ignoring the rumors.

4.3.2. Keira and Inga are now aware of the discrimination and decide to leave.

4.4. Teri informs Keira and Inga and the PT director, and they report the other women.

4.4.1. The discrimination stops and everyone is able to keep their jobs.

4.4.2. Rosalyn, Ursula, and Desdemona may lose their jobs.