Republican Cause

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Republican Cause by Mind Map: Republican Cause

1. Dred Scott Judgement

1.1. Showed the inability of the United States government to change and recognize the rights that were stated in the Constitution

1.2. Created a great stir about slavery that could be utilized by the Republicans to add more members to their cause.

1.3. Provided an example that Lincoln could use to demonstrate the lack a free rights that were clearly illustrated in the Constitution

2. Lincoln-Douglas Debates

2.1. Created a national stir that gained Lincoln a lot of fame which helped propel and publish the Republican cause

2.2. Many of the Republican ideals were broadcasted to the American listeners around the country which created a lot of believers who would vote for them in the coming years.

2.3. Allowed Lincoln to use his amazing orator skills to win over crowds and the public, and to truly believe in the Republican cause.

3. John Brown and Harper's Ferry

3.1. Many learned of the events, and it brought light to the power of the abolitionists and their very far reach.

3.2. John Brown preached about the Republicans but instead of following the party guidelines, he was a radical who tried to prove abolition with violence. This meant more people wanted less bloodshed, and looked to the Republican party as a means to do so.