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Riverboat Tour by Mind Map: Riverboat Tour

1. Khufu

1.1. Ruled during OLD KINGDOM

1.2. Built Great Pyramid at Giza

1.3. "Cheops"

1.4. Only surviving statue is 3in. tall

1.5. In GIZA

2. Djoser

2.1. Ruled during OLD KINGDOM

2.2. Famous for building the Step Pyramid

2.3. Build the first stone monument.

2.4. Architect was Inhotep (Vizer)

2.5. Extended southern border and fought off invaders from the east and west

2.6. Ended Famine


3. Akhenaten

3.1. Ruled during New Kingdom

3.2. Wife is Nefertiti

3.3. Tried to change religion to monotheistic only worshipped only Aten.


3.5. He had Marfan Syndrome (Long Face Syndrome)

3.6. Made Realistic art

3.7. May be related to king tut

3.8. IN el-Amarna

4. Senusret I

4.1. In Karnak

4.2. Ruled during Middle Kingdom

4.3. Co-regent with his father

4.4. Made many religious buildings

4.5. Controlled mines

4.6. Encouraging craftwork

5. Hatshepsut

5.1. Ruled during New kingdom


5.3. Dressed like a man

5.4. Increased the wealth in Eygpt

5.5. Mummy found in 2007 is thought to be her

5.6. In Deir el-Bahri

5.7. Thutmose III tried to eradicate her memory destroyed monuments etc.

5.8. She had a expedition to punt

6. Ramesses II

6.1. Ruled during New kingdom

6.2. In Abu Simbel

6.3. Co-ruled with his father seti I

6.4. "The Great"

6.5. 100 wives and 100+ children

6.6. Probably led an army at 10 yrs old.

6.7. Favorite wife was Nefertari

6.8. Huge tomb called Ramesseum

6.9. Made a temple for Queen Nefertari

6.10. Worlds first peace treaty with hittites

6.11. Ramesses and 20000 troops fought off over 40000 hittites troops