Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemma

1. Background

1.1. Paul

1.2. Occupational Therapist

1.3. Researcher for a large university

1.4. Conducted a 3 year study to examine the role of OT in health promotion in a program integrating primary care and behavioral health

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Paul

2.2. Participants in the study

2.3. GPO and Department director

2.4. The colleague

2.5. The university and AOTA

3. Possible Actions

3.1. Complete the study

3.1.1. Positive

3.1.2. Negative

3.2. Altering the criteria

3.2.1. Positive

3.2.2. Negative

3.3. "Fudge" the outcomes

3.3.1. Positive

3.3.2. Negative

3.4. Discuss with GPO and Grants manager

3.4.1. Positive

3.4.2. Negative

4. Chosen Action

4.1. Core Values

4.1.1. Truth

4.1.2. Prudence

4.2. Ethical Principals

4.2.1. 2F-"Avoid dual relationships, conflicts of interest, and situations in which a practitioner, educator, researcher, or employer is unable to maintain clear professional boundaries or objectivity" (AOTA, 2015c, p. 3)

4.2.2. 3D- "Establish a collaborative relationship with recipients of service and relevant stakeholders to promote shared decision making"(AOTA, 2015, p.4)