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Natural approach by Mind Map: Natural approach

1. What it is?

1.1. It is a traditional method to teaching language

2. Objective

2.1. It is that the student understand the target language and can express themselves in an acceptable way.

2.1.1. The knowledge is not forced.

3. How is it raised?

3.1. It is proposed throught the use target language in communicative situations, without recourse to the first language or grammatical analysis.

4. What is it importance?

4.1. This approach gives special importance to the comprehension and communication of meaning of the statements and promotes the creation of a situation of the learning environments in the classroom so that the acquisition of a second target

5. Pupils role

5.1. Provide information about your need and objectives, Decide when to start producing in the target language and Agree with the teacher the amount of time that will be developed to different learning activities.

6. Role Teachers

6.1. Create classroom environment interesting and relaxed. The teacher is responsible for selecting and organizing varieted activities adaptaded to the contents and contexts.

7. Materials for the class

7.1. Cards, Pictures, Ilustrations, Dialogue and Tape recorder.

8. Advantages

8.1. Practice, Exposition emotional for learning

9. Disadvantage

9.1. Learner came to associate objects with combinations of sounds.