MacBeth By William SHAKESPEARE

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MacBeth By William SHAKESPEARE by Mind Map: MacBeth By William SHAKESPEARE

1. The Three Witches; Banquo(NobleGeneral) ; The Murderes; King Ducan; Macduff(Nobleman); Malcom(SonOfDucan); Hecate(GoddessOfWhitchcraft); Ross; Porter; Fleance(Braquo's Son); Lennox(NobleMan); Lady Macduff

2. Chraracters :

2.1. FDJDS

3. Resume:

3.1. After announcing the promotion of Macbeth, Duncan proclamis heir to his son Malcom and indicates his intention to spend the night at Macbeth in Inverness. Inforled of the whitches's prophecies by her husband, Lady Macbeth urges him to kill the King that evening. he lets himself be convinced...

4. William Shakespeare

4.1. 26th April 1564 - 23rd April 1616

4.2. Playwright - Poet

4.3. Wife: Anne Hatway Children: 3

5. 5 Acts