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Mobile Learning by Mind Map: Mobile Learning

1. Mobile learning is simply an extension of electronic learning (e-learning), indeed it is sometimes referred to as mobile e-learning, and both can be seen, conceptually at least, as subsets of distance learning (Georgiev, Georgieva, & Smrikarov, 2004).

2. The characteristics of it are accessible from virtually anywhere. It is also provides access to all the different learning materials available. It is also collaborative; sharing is almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content, which leads to the reception of instant feedback and tips.

3. Benefit

3.1. Brings new technology into the classroom.

3.2. Light-weight device compare to books, PCs, etc.

3.3. Mobile learning could be utilised as part of a learning approach which uses different types of activities (or a

3.4. Mobile learning supports the learning process rather than being integral to it.