LALA: opportunity in international markets

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LALA: opportunity in international markets by Mind Map: LALA: opportunity in international markets

1. LALA group

1.1. what is LALA?

1.1.1. Grupo Lala is a Mexican company focused on the development of healthy and nutritious foods.

1.2. In 2000, the company became the leading food company for Mexico and is looking to be a leader in the Americas

1.3. production plants

1.3.1. it operates 31 plants of production and 172 distribution centers in Mexico, Brazil, the United States and Central America

1.4. product´s characteristics

1.4.1. in their milks there is a reduction in total fat

1.4.2. all their drinks are free of added sugars

1.4.3. all of their dairy products or / and their derivatives have reduced saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol

1.5. brands

1.5.1. LALA

1.5.2. Nutrileche

1.5.3. Nutri Deli

1.5.4. I am Vita

1.5.5. Frut Aqua

2. Market

2.1. The trend in the dairy market is changing to non-dairy drinks, for example: almond milk, rice, soy, etc.

2.2. key consumer trends

2.2.1. healthy prodcuts

2.2.2. redefining value

2.2.3. 360 degrees convenience

2.2.4. Samrt pleasure

2.2.5. informed consumer

2.2.6. green industry

2.2.7. higher content

3. Dairy Industry

3.1. Globally

3.1.1. there was an increase of 2% from 2017

3.1.2. Major European exporters of milk in 2017. Germany netherlands Belgium-Luxembourg

3.1.3. Major American exporters of milk in 2017. united states Costa Rica Mexico

3.1.4. Leading importers of milk in 2017. Germany Belgium- Luxembourg Italy

3.1.5. Main importers in North America in 2017 milk. Mexico United States Canada

4. Region North America

4.1. U.S.

4.1.1. Farmland Dairies

4.1.2. Promised Land Dairy

4.1.3. Wells Dairy

4.1.4. the food industry has a compound annual growth rate of 2.9%

4.1.5. The main trends in packaging: comfort, flexibility, safety, sustainability and technology

4.2. Canada

4.2.1. Canada's economy is considered by several organizations as one of the most competitive in the world

4.2.2. Canada's population is a population of slow growth

4.2.3. it says that the real growth of GDP in recent years is positive

4.2.4. The dairy industry is recognized for its superior genetic quality and genetic improvement programs.

5. Asia

5.1. Japan

5.1.1. Dairy play an important role in traditional Japanese cuisine

5.1.2. dairy products like butter, become increasingly popular in Japan.

6. Region South America

6.1. Venezuela

6.1.1. reduced imports of food

6.1.2. produces about 5.5 million pounds of milk, of which 50% are sold for preparation of cheese and 28% goes to the liquid milk sales

7. caribbean region

7.1. Cuba

7.1.1. Almost 70% of food consumed is imported

7.1.2. reported in 2016 that the value of wholesale and retail trade in dairy products represents 10% of the total food expenditure

7.2. Jamaica

7.2.1. The agricultural and livestock sector has been declining

7.2.2. The agricultural and livestock sector has been declining

7.2.3. During the nineties, the dairy industry in Jamaica is almost eliminated

8. central region

8.1. Belize

8.1.1. Belize faces several problems related to the dairy industry

8.1.2. despite the challenges, the dairy industry is growing

8.2. guatemala

8.2.1. in 2016 that dairy producers face a critical situation due to strong competition from imports exempt from taxes

8.2.2. milk from other countries is sold at lower prices, affecting local products

8.3. costa rica

8.3.1. has given greater importance to livestock meat that milk production.

8.3.2. production meets the domestic market and produce a surplus for export