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S T E M by Mind Map: S T E M

1. Science

1.1. BS in Actuarial Science

1.2. BS in Biology

1.3. BS in Geology

1.4. BS in Agriculture

1.5. BS in Physics

2. Technology

2.1. BS in Information Technology

2.2. BS in Computer Science

3. Mathematics

3.1. BS in Statistics

3.2. BS in Physics

3.3. BS in Applied Mathematics

4. Engineering

4.1. BS in Engineering

4.1.1. Electrical Engineering

4.1.2. Industrial Engineering

4.1.3. Mechanical Engineering

4.1.4. Chemical Engineering

4.1.5. Civil Engineering

4.1.6. Computer Engineering, etc.

5. m e a n i n g & c o u r s e s

6. 7 Benefits

6.1. Builds resilience

6.2. Encourages experimentation

6.3. Encourages teamwork

6.4. Encourages knowledge application

6.5. Encourages tech use

6.6. Encourages adaptation

6.7. Teaches problem solving

7. Reasons to pursue

7.1. Challenge you to be creative

7.2. It is the answer for most of the world's problem

7.3. You will always be learning something new

7.4. Graduates have flexibility to pursue multiple career paths

7.5. Average starting compensation outpaces careers in other fields

7.6. High level of personal and job satisfaction

7.7. Makes positive contributions to society

8. a l l a b o u t S T E M