Grow Trapp Insurance Agency 4X

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Grow Trapp Insurance Agency 4X by Mind Map: Grow Trapp Insurance Agency 4X

1. Be the best know insurance agency by IP's (Insurance Professionals) in the Triangle

1.1. Expand Carlos and Gregg's network of IP's

1.2. Expand LinkedIn Network

1.2.1. Consider having a virtual resource manage this process Use UpWork

1.2.2. Identify 1st connection IP's

1.2.3. Identify their 2nd Connection IP's

1.2.4. Invite 2nd Connection IP's to connect Send 50 connection invitations per week Thank them for connection Let them know that you will be inviting them to your Workshops Add them to your Workshop email list

2. Promote successful practices for independent Insurance Agents

2.1. Modify Website to attract IP's

2.1.1. Section for Independent Agents Keys to Successful Practice Schedule of Invitation Only Workshops Tools for Successful Independent Agent Contact Us process

2.1.2. Section for Clients/Prospects

2.2. Conduct Monthly Workshop Series for IP's

2.2.1. Workshop Titles Goal Setting & Attainment Quantum Business Increasing Your Prospects Calendar Blocking Boosting Productivity Generating Referrals

2.2.2. Invite Network of IP's to Monthly Workshop Create Workshop Invitation Email List Send email invitation - 4 weeks out Send email reminder - 3 weeks out Send workshop next week email 2 weeks out Send "few seats left" or "all full" email week of workshop Determine who will be invited Independent Insurance Agents Financial Advisers ? Realtors ?

2.3. Develop relationships with potential agency members

2.3.1. Send RSVP Acknowledgement Remind date/time Request they schedule post-workshop meeting Confirm post-workshop meeting when they attend the workshop Conduct scheduled post-workshop meeting Determine next step to advance relationship

2.3.2. BNI Referrals Introduction to Insurance Professionals Insurance Agency Owners

3. Transform Trapp Insurance Agency into Trapp Independent Insurance Agency

3.1. What does Trapp Insurance Agency offer?

3.2. What does Trapp need to add ?

3.3. What is the culture of Trapp?

3.3.1. What are the values ?

3.3.2. What are the policies ?

3.3.3. What are the benefits ?

3.4. Questions to Answer

3.4.1. What do agents want?

3.4.2. What do agents need?

4. Key Performance Indicators

4.1. Premium Dollars

4.1.1. Revenue to Agency

4.1.2. Operating Expense

4.1.3. Net Income

4.2. Number of Agents

4.2.1. P&C

4.2.2. LIfe

4.2.3. Group

4.3. Number of clients

4.3.1. % Single Line

4.3.2. % Two Line

4.3.3. % Three Line

4.3.4. % Three + Lines

4.4. Retention