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Logistics by Mind Map: Logistics

1. 1. Workforce forecasting and planning. 2. Storage location assignment. 3. Inbound and outbound truck scheduling. 4. Order – Truck – Dock assignment. 5. Routing and sequencing of order picking tours. 6. Slotting (storage assignment optimization).

2. 1. Determination of the need for material resources; 2. Research of the procurement market; 3. Selection of suppliers; 4. Procurement; 5. Supply control; 6. Preparation of the procurement budget; 7. Сoordination and systematic relationship of procurement with production, marketing, warehousing and transportation, as well as with suppliers.

3. 1. Creation of transport systems; 2. Joint planning of transport processes on various modes of transport (in the case of multimodal transport); 3. Ensuring technological unity of the transport and storage process; 4. Choice of transportation method and vehicle;

4. 1. Providing readiness to expand the market. 2. Improving the competitiveness of goods and services. 3. Finding new markets. 4. Ensuring the delivery of goods to their destination. 5. Improved delivery conditions. 6. Establishing reliable contacts with consumers. 7. Control over the execution of purchase orders.

5. 1. Implementation process planning; 2. Organization of receipt and processing of orders; 3. Organization of a network of warehouses; 4. Choice of type of packaging; 5. Making decisions on the configuration of parties; 6. Organization of operations prior to shipment; 7. Organization of product shipment; 8. Organization of delivery and transportation control; 9. Organization of after sales services

6. Transport logistics

6.1. Tasks

6.2. -

7. Procurement logistics

7.1. Tasks

8. Distribution logistics

8.1. Tasks

9. Sales Logistics

9.1. Tasks

10. Warehouse Logistics

10.1. Tasks