The constitution conversation of 1787

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The constitution conversation of 1787 by Mind Map: The constitution conversation of 1787

1. The articles of confederation

1.1. The articles originally failed because it presented a fear of a strong central government.

1.2. Originally the articles of confederation gave the states all the power.

2. 3/5th compromise

2.1. Slaves were considered 3/5th of a human

2.2. Southern states wanted to count slaves as a population to get more representatives and did not favored them in the sake of taxation.

2.3. Northern states opposed counting slaves as a population but wanted them for the taxation parts.

3. Federalism

3.1. Federalist were a group that believed that the Articles of Confederation were inadequate to serve the needs of the country and a new government .

3.2. Anti-Federalist thought because people wanted a stronger government that it would affect the states power.

4. Bill of rights

4.1. The first ten amendments gave us unalienable rights and rights to assemble in a groups and worship

4.2. Gave the jurisdiction and limited power the government can do of government

5. Virginia plan-Large states

5.1. Virginia wanted a bicarmel type of government

5.2. Have as many representatives depending on the population

6. New Jersey-Small State

6.1. New Jersey wanted a unicameral government

6.2. Every state has 2 repesentives

7. Connecticut plan

7.1. Was a mixture of new jersey and Virginia plan

7.2. Have a bicarmel government

8. BY:Matthew Balderas