The Constitutional Convention of 1787: Kennedy Roberts

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The Constitutional Convention of 1787: Kennedy Roberts by Mind Map: The Constitutional Convention of 1787: Kennedy Roberts

1. The Articles of Confederation

1.1. The Articles originally failed, because it presented a fear of a strong central government.

1.2. Originally gave states the power

2. Federalism

2.1. There are 3 Federalist: James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. They created the Federalist Papers which supported Strong Government to defend against Europe.

2.2. There are only two Anti-federalists: Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams. They oppose feared strong Central Government.

2.3. Federalism had Concurrent Powers that are shared between states and federal government and Reserved powers that are neither given to congress nor denied the states.

3. The Bill of Rights

3.1. The bill of rights were created from the support of the Federalist and no support from the Anti-Federalists.

3.2. Also the Bill of Rights is dealing with Ratification and the Congress adopting the Constitution in 1787

4. 3/5 Compromise

4.1. 3/5 of slaves counted as population in determining representatives to the House of Representatives.

4.2. 3/5 of slaves would be counted for the purpose of determining taxation.

5. The Great Compromise

5.1. It provided for a bicameral congress. House of Representatives- each state is represented according to its population (satisfied the VA plans).

5.2. B. Senate- each state has 2 senators (satisfied the NJ plan). Both houses of congress must pass every law.

6. Virginia Plan

6.1. The Virginia Plan is Bicameral Legislative

6.2. Representatives in each house would depend on the population of the sate

7. New Jersey Plan

7.1. The New Jersey Plan is apart of The Great Compromise.

7.2. The New Jersey plan is Unicameral Legislative.