Constitutional convention of 1787

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Constitutional convention of 1787 by Mind Map: Constitutional convention of 1787

1. Bill of rights

1.1. The first 10 amendments to the United Sates constitution.

1.2. Ratified in 1789

1.3. Gave people individual rights.

2. Articles of Confederation

2.1. Articles led to the constitution.

2.2. Articles of confederation failed Because fear of a strong central government.

3. The Great compromise

3.1. The big and little states compromised.

3.2. The compromise made the judicial and legislative.

4. 3/5 Compromise

4.1. slaves count as 3/5 of a human

4.2. It was a compromise between south and north.

5. Virginia plan- large states

5.1. Called for bicameral legislature.

5.2. Representatives based on population of states.

6. New jersey plan

6.1. Called for unicameral legislature.

6.1.1. made for small states

7. federalism

7.1. a system where states form a group but the states handle all internal affairs.

7.2. anti federalism want all states to be independent