Ada Oil Refinery Contract Structure

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Ada Oil Refinery Contract Structure by Mind Map: Ada Oil Refinery Contract Structure

1. Promoter - O& G Engineering Services Limited

1.1. Concession and permits + equity subcriptions.

2. Engineering and Procurement Contractor (s) [ EPC,signs, EPC Agrements or Turn Key Construction Contracts

3. Supplies ( Feed Stock Agreements)

3.1. Supply Agreements

4. Offtakers ( SPA- Sales and Purchase Agreements)

4.1. Sales and Purchase Agreements/ SPA's

5. Operations and Maintenance Contractor (OMC Agreements)

5.1. Operations & Maintenance Contracts

6. Government & Regulation Relationships

6.1. Conmfort letter and support for investor confidence. Non nationalization and interest as offtaker

7. Transaction Advisors {Banks,Book Runners, Mandated Lead Arrangers, Arrangers, Syndicate Banks, Agent Banks, Documentation Banks.

8. Lenders /Banks/Investors

8.1. Industrial Sponsors

8.2. Pure financial Sponsors

8.2.1. Debt financing

8.2.2. Mezzanine financing

8.2.3. Equity investments

9. [email protected]