Anne and Friends

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Anne and Friends by Mind Map: Anne and Friends

1. What We Know

1.1. Facial hair

1.2. Night sweats

1.3. Decreased sex drive

1.4. Weight gain

1.5. Mood swings

1.6. Prolonged heavy menstruation

1.7. Primrose oil

1.8. Hormone pills

1.9. Nursing intervention

2. Need to Know

2.1. Strength of friend support

2.2. Reason for increased cholesterol

2.3. How old is Anne?

2.4. What does Anne think is happening?

2.5. Is Anne married?

2.5.1. How supportive is her husband?

2.5.2. Does she have children?

2.6. What are her symptoms?

2.7. Other pressing health concerns?

2.8. Why is she getting a bone density test?

2.9. What does her nutrition look like?

2.10. Environmental health concerns at work?

2.11. What are HER primary health concerns?

3. Learning Gaps/Aims

3.1. What are the normal physical changes that come with menopause?

3.2. Why is there weight gain during menopause?

3.3. What are the hormone imbalances experienced during menopause?

3.4. How do women feel emotionally while going through menopause?

3.5. What helps to decrease the negative effects of menopause?

3.6. How do spouses of those going through menopause feel?

3.7. How is sex drive affected during menopause and why?

3.8. How nutritional patterns are affected during menopause

3.9. Normal vs abnormal symptoms of menopause

3.10. What other issues/diseases can pose itself as menopause?

3.11. How does menopause affect ADLs?