MHOP, AOT Scheduling

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MHOP, AOT Scheduling by Mind Map: MHOP, AOT Scheduling

1. Program Assistant

2. MHOP, AOT Schedules and adds consumers to staffs calendars

3. Physical Chart/Audit for Treatment Plans

4. Reports NS and RS for each site

5. Opens consumer into Tier if under AOT, MHOP services

6. Reduces NS and RS

7. Monitors Psychiatric Appointments that require seeing a Psychiatrist prior to therapy. If NS for therapy appointment must be cancelled on the therapist calendar.

8. Pre-Authorizations

9. Verifies Insurance

10. Appointment Reminder

11. One Line for Incoming Calls

12. Completes a Pre-Screening

13. Add appointments to staffs calendars

14. Triages Services to MHOP, AOT, Case Management, Peer Services, Therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations, and Medication Management, FCST Referrals

15. Improvement of Quality of Care

16. Efficient Treatment Services

17. Triages services with follow up

18. Schedules services completed at EOP, LOP, SLOP, or through AOT staff.

19. Schedules existing trained staff to work with AOT and other program services

20. Builds Rapport with the Consumer at Pre-Screening