Creative Writing Degree

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Creative Writing Degree by Mind Map: Creative Writing Degree

1. Introduce myself

1.1. Media incorporated: picture of myself as well as. small narration of this part only

1.2. My degree and where I go to school (ASU, etc,.)

2. Classes to take

2.1. Mention some classes I'm taking

2.2. Note almost all important classes such as: Intro to Creative Writing, Cross Cultural Writing, Writing for Publication

3. Expectations

3.1. Mention the type of reading you will do (a lot fo reading will be expected

3.2. Lots of writing (the type of writing you will do) such as short stories about 10-20 pages long

3.3. Workshops will probably be expected to be thrown at you. Mention how those work

4. What to do with the degree

4.1. Talk about the careers you can do with this: small description of each category career

4.1.1. editor

4.1.2. magazine journalist Salaries ion those degrees

4.1.3. writer

4.1.4. creative director

5. Intro: What this video is about

5.1. What a creative writing degree entails ahead for you

6. References

6.1. Most likely photos consisted of photos hear and there and one phot of myself. images are most of people doing creative writing jobs and students at the university